Help me Sarah, I dont know what to do!: The marvelous misadventures of Max

I think by now every one of us has seen this video and it's a great one. Poor Max doesn't stand a chance against all those lily pads.

But I think a lot of people would fare the same. Sit-in Kayaks aren't very forgiving if you don't know what you're doing. You just need to look over your shoulder a little too quickly, take on a little water and start riding lower in the river, do that a couple times and you end up like Max, half your kayak underwater and no clue how to fix it.

In a situation like that, there is a process to correct the disaster. That type of 'yak will typically have an air bladder or some foam in the front and back to keep it partially afloat in the worst case scenario. You're supposed to bail out, then while swimming alongside it, get the kayak upright enough that the rim is above water, then use a miniature bilge pump to bail the water out, once the kayak is floating again, there's a few ways to get back in the thing, continue bailing out the excess water and continuing on your adventure...

How gawdawful boring was that to read?! I mean really, who wants to deal with all that?!

The beauty of the King Bee's fleet (which will be detailed in upcoming entries) is that its made up entirely of "sit-on-top" style kayaks.  These 'yaks are virtually unsinkable! If you do get tossed off your ride the recovery is simple. Just flip your kayak over and hop back on. Any water in the recesses of the 'yak are funneled away through scupper holes to make sure you're not sitting butt deep in water all day.

Its like having your own little raft with comfortable seating. Perfect for beginners, and lazy river enthusiasts! If Max had a ride like these he'd have had a much better day on the river, but we wouldn't have that video. The King Bee is grateful to Max for showing us the realities of ridiculous recreation activities!