This season the King Bee Adventure Club will focus on the popular recreational salt river for fledgling adventurers. This Class 1 water way (mostly flat water) is a perfect fit for those who want to enjoy a day of leisure and fun in the sun. Interested in something different? CLICK HERE to learn about our other adventure services

How It works

You bring the crew, The King Bee brings everything else!

Once you’ve set a date you and your crew will rendezvous with the King Bee Adventure Club, typically around 6-8am at a predetermined recreational area along the Salt River (This will be the "end" of the river). Then a few words on what to expect, a joke about a horse and then the Helpful Hive will rideshare our group to our launching point.

 Everything you need is waiting for you. Friendly fellow adventurers. A comfortable, open sit-on-top kayak, safety gear, Even snacks and water are available by request. Jump aboard and blaze a trail! Or just hang back and enjoy a lazy day float! The King Bee regulars will be along for the trip as a backup of information and assistance but this is your adventure, so feel free to take it at your own pace.

 Your adventure can last anywhere from 2-6.5 hours with three basic routes available. Beginners find the 2 hour trip just right but if you'd prefer a longer trip just let the King Bee Adventure Club know ahead of time and we can arrange a trip to your preference.

“I’m not really an adventurer. The idea of attempting something new in front of other people isn’t exactly on my list of favorites either. [The King Bee] taught me the basics making me feel comfortable. More importantly, he backed off when he saw I got the hang of it. At one point I forgot that he was even there. It became my own adventure.”
— Dougie Branson, Man about town

What do I (YOU) need to Bring?

You'll want a big hat to beat the sun.  Waterproof sunscreen is a must. Cheap sunglasses too... the Salt River has swallowed many fine pairs of Ray Bans and you can often see mangled frames along the river bottom, so maybe leave those vintage wayfarers at home.

Comfortable Clothes, shorts, bathing suits t-shirts. Probably not a kilt. Nobody's impressed by your kilt dude, leave it at home. The King Bee does not approve!

Shoes that can dry out easily are a plus as well. Ugly Tevas, sturdy flip flops, an old pair of converse, chewed up Vans. These are all great. and you can even kick them off to dry out once you're in the boat, but this is a recreational river and now and then some jerk may chose to leave a glass bottle laying around. Better safe than sorry

Bottled water and snacks can be provided (Clif Bars and those little oranges) But you're welcome to bring along anything you'd prefer. Most of the kayaks can accommodate a small cooler. Try a Nascar Mimosa (Miller High Life and Orange Juice) for a delightful brunch time float treat! The King Bee says: "Drink Responsibly, the Helpful Hive is not in the business of babysitting your drunk boyfriend."