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Q1. Is this safe? I kinda dig being alive.

The lower salt river is classified as a class 1 river - mostly flat water. Every year they let thousands of intoxicated teenagers float down this river on inner-tubes to little or no disastrous result. There are 2-3 very mild rapids along the trip, but you will find they're far more fun than scary and afterwards you'll wish there were more. For the most part, this is a lazy river float. Keep yourself pointed in the right direction and the King Bee is confident you will be fine.

The King Bee is also schooled in First Aid and carries all the supplies we could need. He is also CPR Certified (and we don't mean Certified Party Rocker) and there are various check points to bail out and call an Uber if anyone feels they've had enough adventure for the day.

All this being said, this is an outdoor physical activity and accidents can happen. A liability waiver will be required of every adventurer before we disembark.

Q2.How long does the adventure last?

This is entirely up to you and your group. Trips can last anywhere between 2 and 6 hours. The Hive recommends the full run to ensure youre getting the most out of the experience. So kick back, let the river do most of the work and you'll be able to happily float to our destination

Q3. I've never dont this before, I don't know how to kayak. I'm not sure I can do this.

This isn't really a question but that's okay.

The King Bee, while an avid adventurer is not an adept adventurer. He has tried it all so that you don't have to.

Before we begin The King Bee regulars will give a brief tutorial on what to expect and how to navigate. The Helpful Hive will be available to assist with helpful hands if you need, but the goal is to let you take lead and make the adventure your own!

The King Bee has opted to offer premium Sit On Top kayaks. These Kayaks feature a sealed hull where you ride on top, rather than inside the vessel. The benefits are immediately recognizable. A wider footprint makes for greater stability and there's no danger of taking on water, if you are overturned, you simply flip your boat back over and hop back on. To paraphrase the old country music standard "I never met a kayaker who hadn't been throwed, but I never seen a kayak that couldn't be rowed!"

Q4 Do I need to bring anything?

You'll want a big hat to beat the sun. Waterproof sunscreen is a must. Cheap sunglasses too... the Salt River has swallowed many fine pairs of Ray Bans and you can often see mangled frames along the river bottom, so maybe leave those vintage wayfarers at home.

Comfortable Clothes, shorts, bathing suits t-shirts. Probably not a kilt. Nobody's impressed by your kilt dude, leave it at home. The King Bee does not approve!

Shoes that can dry out easily are a plus as well. Ugly Tevas, sturdy flip flops, an old pair of converse, chewed up Vans. These are all great. and you can even kick them off to dry out once you're in the boat, but this is a recreational river and now and then some jerk may chose to leave a glass bottle laying around. Better safe than sorry

Bottled water and snacks can be provided (Clif Bars and those little oranges) by request. But you're welcome to bring along anything you'd prefer. Most of the kayaks can accommodate a small cooler. Try a Nascar Mimosa (Miller High Life and Orange Juice) for a delightful brunch time float treat! The King Bee says: "Drink Responsibly, the Helpful Hive is not in the business of babysitting your drunk boyfriend."

trailing like little ducks

trailing like little ducks

What else could you ask for

What else could you ask for

An intrepid adventurer before he had the good fortune to meet the King Bee

An intrepid adventurer before he had the good fortune to meet the King Bee