Who is the King Bee?

Chet Felkins, a mild mannered Arizona Native, raised by desert coyotes and taught to walk upright by PBS programming, he carries a unique perspective and a natural curiosity to go where he is forbidden, to see the unseen and tread the road less traveled.

Though well stocked with many natural talents and skills,  he does not possess the ability to drink the company kool-aid and as such finds himself ill suited for the cubicle life. After many years of office drudgery he chose to forge a new path.

One day he found himself floating on an old kayak down the Verde river well behind the rest of his group, behemoth cotton wood trees on either side of him were shedding seeds like light summer snow as he stare up the pale blue sky, a big yellow butterfly hovered, floating in and out of his field of view, there was probably a Carole King song on the Ipod. It was a perfect moment and all he wanted to do was share this thing with everyone he knew.

After a point he'd dragged all his friends who were willing on these adventures, but he still felt the need to roam, unfortunately nobody else had personal days left. The solution became clear. The King Bee needed more friends!

And thus the King Bee Adventure Club was born. Built around the ideological concept of the Helpful Hive, embracing notions of resourcefulness, daring, exploration, service and community. The King Bee Adventure Club hopes to add you to its number and Chet Felkins cant wait to shake your hand and show you what there is to see out there!